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About Us


Rebecca and Britta met while living in Grand Cayman in 2006 and immediately bonded over a mutual love of good food and a dedicated yoga practice. They cooked and shared meals, did yoga under coconut palms overlooking the ocean, traveled together, and drank in island life. In 2010 Rebecca left her beloved Cayman for NYC to pursue her path in Birth Work through Whole Nine Wellness. Britta remained on island and created Saucha Conscious Living. Together they offer a truly holistic experience, working to prepare women for the physical and emotional challenges of birthing, breastfeeding and early parenting.

The two friends were present during one another's labors and, as new mothers themselves, know the importance of taking the time to turn down the chatter of the outside world during this transition. Their own empowering birth experiences are the inspiration behind creating this supportive and informative space for women and their families.


Who We Are

Rebecca Mercurio

A perpetual student of anatomy and bodywork, Rebecca Mercurio has been working as a licensed massage therapist since 2005. A lifetime of travel and curiosity inform her work. Her yoga practice began in India in 1998. She studied and was attuned to the traditional Usui and Karuna healing systems in Japan and became a Reiki Master in 1999. While pregnant with her son she trained under Gurmukhi Kuar Khalsa and became a prenatal yoga teacher in 2012. Rebecca holds a BA in Communications/Documentary Photography from Fordham University in addition to professional certifications in Essential Oils Therapy, Infant Massage Instruction, Infant CPR and is a DONA certified Birth Doula. She has traversed the globe collecting healing modalities and techniques and is fiercely dedicated to the empowerment of women and their families.

Rebecca is owner of Whole Nine Wellness in upstate NY. Her focus and commitment are deeply rooted in the realm of maternal and perinatal care. Her services incorporate bodywork, nutrition, childbirth education, relaxation techniques, emotional, informational and physical support to a community she holds in the highest regard: Mothers. From labor preparation to postnatal support, Whole Nine Wellness offers the whole nine yards of care for the whole nine months and beyond.

“By dismantling the culture of fear that surrounds the birthing process we can positively effect entire families. Respecting the process and allowing women to labor on their own terms elevates the role of the laboring mother from passive to active participant. The birth experience is transformative for each and every woman. Empowering one woman at a time through education and support empowers their children, their partners and the world at large. Imagine the implications of an entire generation born in peace….”

~RJ Mercurio, LMT, CD(DONA)

Britta Bush

Britta Bush is co-founder and owner of Saucha Conscious Living in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. She is a Vegan Chef that trained at the Matthew Kenney Academy. Britta is also an experienced educator and is passionate about locally sourced, organic, non-gmo, whole foods. She specializes in creating delicious meals, experiences and workshops that leave participants feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Retreat Description

What you nourish your body and soul with has never been more important than when you are pregnant, breastfeeding or feeding your child. Britta will share her culinary talents that will surprise even the most committed carnivore, as well as discuss how her recent pregnancy and birth of her son influenced her eating habits and nutritional awareness.

You will love the way the way the correct foods support your pregnancy and promote milk production. You will also learn strategies to implement a healthy diet that will help you balance your busy life so you can fully be there for your babe, yourself, and your family, as well as meet the demands of your busy schedule.

Included in the retreat is a Self-Serve Breakfast Buffet, Boxed Lunch, and In-House Chef Prepared Dinner. Meals provided are nutrient dense, primarily plant-based with local and sustainable animal protein options. Britta will hand-select all the produce used in a beautiful showcase of the variety of seasonal and local bounty of the Caribbean.

Complimentary Smoothie Workshop offered on the first morning, optional Healthy Snacks for Moms and Babes Workshop available ($35 per person)