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Swim with turtles, stroll along the world's most famous beach, swing in a hammock with a mudslide in hand or jump off the rocks into crystal clear water...find out about Cayman's best beaches here! (Please watch in HD)'This is Cayman'A native to the island, Caribbean travel expert, filmmaker, journalist and tv host, Monica Walton takes viewers on a journey to the very fabric of the Cayman Islands. With a focus on culture, food & entertainment, 'This is Cayman' isn't just a tv show, it's the very soul of the Cayman Islands. Join the adventure on channel CL&T over at your hotel or condo and on Logic TV Channel 36 in the Cayman Islands.

Posted by This is Cayman on Monday, February 1, 2016
Our retreats are endorsed by the Cayman Department of Tourism, can we put that somewhere? On monarch migrations home page?