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Twin Birth: Planned C-Section

Natural Birth | Birthing Center of Buffalo

 Birthing Center of Buffalo

The above slideshow is the work of local photographer, http://shawnastanley.co

These images bear witness to the intensity, the challenge, the vulnerability, the joy and the community of childbirth. It is not often that I get to share this vantage point due to its very private nature. Having a birth photographer present to capture this experience breathes life into it for everyone on the outside. Theres just no to watch this and not be drawn in with this family. This is what it means to have a village. This is how we get here. This is power, this is strength beyond limitation, this is commitment, this is love permeating and filling every crack and crevice. Birth is a natural process to be revered and honored. It is not a medical condition to be feared and micro managed. It is so important that we as a culture can see birth from this perspective, that we truly hold dear the bodies of women as the vessels of magic and miracle they are. Women are the bearers, the nurturers of life. We shift to this deep understanding and reverence and we change the world.

Birth is normal. We need to share our stories and images and experiences as human and stop censoring birth. 

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