Providing Services for mommas-to-be from conception through birth

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Providing Services for mommas-to-be from conception through birth.

We believe that Pregnancy and Labor can and should be empowering experiences for women and their families. When a woman feels safe and comfortable she feels in control. When we feel in control we are better equipped to handle stressful situations. Giving birth is the single most intense experience of a woman's life. It is powerful and uncharted territory (unique and brand new for each individual) that demands respect and patience. This is the driving philosophy behind all that we do at wholeNINEwellness.


By appointment only.
Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm
Sundays 10am-1pm

All treatments are tailored to individual needs. Treatments combine stretching (Thai massage) and neuromuscular techniques along with energy work for an all encompassing experience. 

Specializing in prenatal massage, we offer treatments specifically tailored towards the emerging aches, pains, swelling and discomfort brought on by the changing anatomy of a pregnant body. Boasting a customized prenatal table where women can lie comfortably face down with the growing belly fully supported by slings, we are able to treat without putting the client into side lying. In addition to massage therapy, we offer pre and post natal yoga, birth doula services and infant massage instruction for expecting mothers and their partners.

  • 60 minutes ~$80 | Hot stone $90
  • 90 minutes ~ $110 | Hot stone- $120
  • Prenatal treatment is 75 minutes $85



Contact us to arrange doula services.

Doula support during the birth process is continuous and includes emotional, informational, physical and partner support. We are here to help you identify your options, discover your own strength and make educated decisions during your birth experience.

Rebecca is a DONA certified Birth Doula.


Yoga Schedule
Tuesday- 12pm Powerflow with Rebecca
Thursay- 12pm Slow Flow/ Restorative with Adrienne

Prenatal Yoga- Sundays 11am-12:30pm

Nurturing support during pregnancy through yoga and massage helps deepen awareness and prepare both physically and mentally.